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Panda East
Panda East

We would like to introduce services of our company PANDA EAST, you can use for transport of your consignment between middle Europe and United Kingdom.

We specialize mainly in groupage between Czech Republic and UK in both directions. Further we provide groupage from western part of Slovakia to UK and back.

Express deliveries from some destinations we can guarantee delivery within 24 hours.

We have our own range of vehicles suitable for safe and fast transport i. e. groupage, express service using vans, oversized consignments etc.. Our employees are bilingual, we can provide spedition service and usage of the warehouse fully equipped with necessary machinery near Dover. All our vehicles have tracking system so we can give information about their movement any time. All transports are performed with utmost care to satisfy demands of our customers. Suitable price can be negotiated according to all factors involved i. e. loading place, destination and speed of delivery.

Your best partner for transport of goods to/from UK.

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To improve quality of our services to our business partners we have extended and improved appearance …
We have new lady driver
For our company PANDA EAST being modern, we are actively fighting against discrimination of lady drivers …
New support of dispatching
Certainly you have perceived that we have new support of dispatching. Our new colleague is Alexandra …
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We run new web pages of our company PANDA EAST